This platform provides modern and technologically advanced ways of presenting and promoting handicraft services and products, boosting their appeal for the audiences and at the same time raising awareness of the importance and value of traditional crafts.

We developed the services below to support you in your digital marketing and in reaching a global audience. The prices of individual services are agreed on after a thorough discussion about your wishes and needs. For more information contact us at

3D scans of your products

Heritage and modern technology can go hand in hand. Boost the appeal of your products and present them in a detailed 3D view. This will enable your customers an exceptional insight into your work and impress them with the sophistication and beauty of your craftsmanship.

Designing an online craft workshop

Our team can help you plan an attractive and effective online workshop. With joint efforts, we will create an online experience that will delight participants and allow them to learn about crafts in an easy and interactive way.

Marketing your products through the platform's online shop

Extend your market and find new customers through our unique online shop. This specialised platform dedicated to the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage will help you reach audiences who value uniqueness and handicraft.

Planning a promotional video

We can help you develop an in-depth and interesting concept for a documentary-promotional video that will highlight the uniqueness of your story and attract the attention of your target audience.

Integrated promotion through the platform

A flexible option of combining several of the above services according to your specific needs and objectives. Together we will design a support package tailored to your preferences and help you achieve your goals in terms of digital marketing and promotion of handicraft products.