A Tale of Primorska Folk Costume

Videoproduction byVSŠ Sežana (Karin Vončina, mentored by Jernej Kastelec and Miša Keskenović)

If you know how to read symbols, you can decipher the motifs in embroidery, which are full of wishes and spells for women, daughters and girls.

Silva Perčič

The Primorska or Karst folk costume classifies as an Alpine-type costume due to the way is sewn, with the skirt attached to the bodice. It used to be worn in the region of Trieste and the Karst, all the way to the town of Komen, where its features intermingle with those of the Goriška folk costume.

What is typical for this costume is the rich embroidery on the garments, especially on the shirt and the headscarf. Women embroided these motifs as a lucky charm that would bring happiness and prosperity to future generations. They marked their Slovene identity with a bouquet in the colours of the Slovene flag.

Abroad, this national costume is proudly worn at special occasions, as it signifies a bond with the Slovene nation and Slovene ancestors.

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