A Tale of Brkini Folk Costume

Videoproduction byVSŠ Sežana (Karin Vončina, mentored by Jernej Kastelec and Miša Keskenović)

Whoever decides to wear and present the folk costume should be well versed in history and ethnology.

Ivanka Večko

If you know symbols, you can decipher the motifs in embroidery, which are full of wishes and spells for women, daughters and girls.

The Brkini folk costume is considerably different from other variations of folk costumes in Slovenia. It was brought here by the Uskoki, who settled in the Brkini region in the midst of the 16th century. What is special about this costume is that it reflects a distinct simplicity, which is a testimony to the austere peasant way of life. The costume is not suitable for dancing, as it is made of a harder felt fabric, trimmed with coloured ribbon.

The traditional method of making folk costumes has mostly been lost in time. Rare individuals strive to reconstruct such costums based on old photos and stories, in order to preserve the traditions of Slovenian clothing heritage using modern sewing techniques.

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