Of Whistle and Horn

Videoproduction byVSŠ Sežana (Peter Novel mentored by Jernej Kastelec and Miša Keskenović)

On evenings, I was driving the cattle back home in the dark. There were fireflies everywhere and I played my whistle to feel less scared.

Drago Čehovin

Farm work in the past was very different to what it is today. Back then, farm kids used to take over certain tasks, for example tending to livestock as shepherds. They used to take the herd out to pasture early in the morning before school and again later in the afternoon.

During the summer, they spent their days on pastures with cows, sometimes far away from the village and any company. While tending to the animals and making sure no animal got lost, they passed their time making wooden instruments.

Today, children no longer work as shepherd, as electric fences took over the job. However, the tradition of crafting wooden whistles, horns and other objects remains and Drago Čehovin has successfully passed it down to his grandchildren.

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