Of Stone and the Karst

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The message of the stone is always linked to the past and to the future; what is inscribed in the stone is a message for the future.

Jernej Bortolato

It is said that stone is the soul of the Karst. With the art of shaping Karst stone dating back to antiquity, the tradition of stonemasonry is deeply rooted here and it pervades the very soul of the Karst people. Stone masterpieces are a key component of typical Karst architecture - window and door frames, stairs, stone gutters, signs and decorative elements were carved out of stone with incredible precision by craftsmen.

One of such stone masons and the greatest ambassadors of Karst stone is Jernej Bortolato, who lives and works in the picturesque village of Pliskovica. His stonework is based on traditional forms and designs, to which he adds modern techniques. He has been awarded the Art & Craft certificate and the Zlata vitica award for his unique stone products.


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