Brkini and Brandy-Making

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All forms of traditional know-how will shape the future destiny of mankind.

Franc Jelušič

Due to a favourable climate and centuries-old tradition of fruit-growing, the Brkini hills are known for their excellent fruit produce. This is why in the past, almost every house here was involved in brandy-making. Today, the Jelušič family continues this trade.

In the village of Slope near Kozina, amidst panoramic views of dry meadows, pastures and the sea, the tourist farm "Pri Filetu" offers a wide range of quality spirits, including the local  Brkini plum brandy (Brkinski slivovec). It is made naturally from local varieties of plums grown in the Brkini region.

It is thanks to Mr Franc Jelušič, who holds the honourable title 'brandy knight', that both Brkini plum brandy and Karst juniper brandy (Kraški brinjevec) are now protected by a geographical designation of origin

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