A Weaver's Soul

Videoproduction byVSŠ Sežana (Lorien Landricombe mentored by Jernej Kastelec and Miša Keskenović)

The craft of weaving is like a spirit that passes from house to house, from one generation to the next.

Jože Boštjančič

Basketry has developed as a domestic handicraft wherever people could find sufficient material for weaving in nature. Basket-makers used willow branches, split branches, straw, cornhusks, clematis, rush and many other materials. Such hand-crafted wickerwork was used for storage, carrying and transport.

The skill of weaving natural materials has over time evolved into a vintage folk art. To make a basket takes time and knowledge, which has to this day been passed on by skilled elderly masters and along with it, the joy of weaving with natural materials.


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